ST19 Black Smoker – Starter Deck – One Piece Card Game

ST19 Black Smoker – Starter Deck – One Piece Card Game

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Team up with Smoker and the navy and defeat all the pirates! The One Piece Card Game Black ST19 deck includes 1 Leader and 51 cards of which 2 Super Rares, 10DON! And 1 Premium Booster Pack PBR01!

Data di uscita: October 25, 2024

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ST19 Black Smoker – Starter Deck – One Piece Card Game

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Join the Navy with Smoker's Black deck!

Explore the vast One Piece universe with the new Starter Decks! In addition to the mighty Captain Smoker in the Black ST19 deck, you will also find Red Edward Newgate, Green Uta, Black Smoker, Blue Donquixote Doflamingo, Purple Monkey D. Luffy, and Yellow Katakuri from previous sets. With simple Leader Effects and a variety of colors, they're perfect for new players!

Finally, each deck offers 5 cards with updated text, ideal for enhancing your existing playstyle and evolving your strategy!

Included is a PRB-01 Bundle to Boost Your Decks!

Each Starter Deck includes a PRB-01 pack, featuring reprints of popular cards from previous collections. Even newcomers will be able to strengthen their decks and improve the gaming experience with the ONE PIECE CARD GAME !

What does the ST19 Black Smoker Starter Deck include?

  • Constructed Deck x1 (51 cards)
  • DON x10
  • Game sheet x1

What is a starter deck?

Ideal for beginners or for those who want to play right away, the One Piece Card Game Starter Decks are the perfect choice. Each deck has a unique identity, linked to famous factions or crews such as Luffy's Crew. With the ability to customize your deck with various expansion sets, transform your deck and become the Pirate King!

Enter the World of One Piece Card Game and Live a Unique Experience!

Whether you're a longtime fan or a new player, this Smoker Starter Deck will provide endless hours of strategic fun. Get ready to experience the excitement of the series in a whole new way!"

Buy ST19 Black Smoker – Starter Deck and become the king of pirates!

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The One Piece Trading Card Game (TCG) is an immersive adventure in the world of the famous manga and anime One Piece. This board game allows fans to relive the epic battles and adventures of Luffy and his crew through strategic card dueling. Each player builds a deck with their favorite characters, enhancing them with various skills and tactics. The One Piece TCG cards boast beautiful artwork that captures the essence of the One Piece universe, offering an unparalleled gaming experience.

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