Collaborate with Leader in the TCG

At Otakura, we are always looking for unique talents who share our passion for collectible card games and the world of TCGs. Are you a content creator, a gaming influencer, or a marketer with innovative ideas? Would you like to collaborate with us to promote the exciting Otakura universe? We're excited to hear your ideas!

How to Propose Your Collaboration

To get started, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Who You Are : A brief presentation of you and your activities. Tell us your story and what makes you unique in the world of TCGs.

  2. Your Channels : Include links to your social media or relevant platforms. Provide details on the number of followers, the opening date of the channel, the periods of activity, and the topics covered.

  3. Products to Promote : Indicate which products from our catalog you would be interested in promoting. We specialize in a variety of games, from Yu-Gi-Oh! to Pokémon , Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars Unlimited ,One Piece Card Game, and others.

  4. Your Experience : Tell us if your channel focuses exclusively on collectible card games and TCGs, or if you cover more general topics. We're interested in hearing how your experience aligns with our products.

  5. Your Previous Collaborations : Tell us about your notable collaborations or activities in the past year. We are curious to know your journey and your achievements.