Play Booster Display da 36 Buste del set Orizzonti di Modern 3 in Italiano
Orizzonti di Modern 3 - Play Booster Display Box 36 Buste MTG Magic The Gathering
Orizzonti di Modern 3 Play Booster da 36 ITA
Orizzonti di Modern 3 - Magic The Gathering

Horizons of Modern 3 - Play Booster Display of 36 Packs (ITA)

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Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Display: 36 packs with 14 cards each, including 1-5 rares/mythics and 1 guaranteed foil.

Data di uscita: 17 Giugno 2024

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Modern Horizons: Dawn of a New Age in Magic: The Gathering

Immerse yourself in the revamped universe of Magic: The Gathering with " Horizons of Modern 3 Play Booster Display ". Discover an exciting mix of unreleased cards and historic reprints, ready to revolutionize your game. Expand your in-game horizons with new takes on classic mechanics and add more cards to your favorite Modern strategies.

Modern Horizons 3 combines the excitement of the draft with the richness of the expansion packs, offering an unprecedented gaming experience. In the Play Booster Display you'll find cards with stunning artwork, stunning alternate border versions, and more.

Get ready for the big release in June, pre-order the Play Booster box of this revolutionary set now.

What the box includes:

  • 36 Play Boosters, each containing a selection of game-changing cards for the Modern format.
  • Each pack includes 14 cards, from the Modern 3 Horizons set, with at least 1 - 5 rare or mythic cards and 1 guaranteed foil and 1 token/promo card.
  • Cards with special treatments such as borderless, foil etched and reverse sides, making each pack opening a unique experience.
  • Iconic cards like "allied fetch lands" and new Eldrazi, to add power and versatility to your deck.

Modern 3 Horizons Events and Launch

Join the pre-launch event starting in June in our store to be among the first to experience “Modern 3 Horizons.” The release date of this set is scheduled for June 14, 2024.

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