Modern Horizons 3 - Gift Bundle (ENG)
Gift Bundle Edition di Modern Horizons 3 con 1 Collector Booster, 9 buste, carte terra esclusive, e più. Il regalo ideale per i fan di Magic!
Questo git bundle pieno di carte e accessori MTG include: 1 Collector Booster, 9 buste di gioco, 1 carta foil con illustrazione alternativa, 30 carte terra (15 foil e 15 non foil), 1 segnapunti vita Spindown, 1 confezione per conservare le carte e 2 schede di riferimento.
gift bundle magic the gathering
1 dado segnavita spindown magic the gathering

Modern Horizons 3 - Gift Bundle (ENG)

Sale price€102,90

This git bundle full of MTG cards and accessories includes: 1 Collector Booster, 9 game packs, 1 foil card with alternate art, 30 land cards (15 foil and 15 non-foil), 1 Spindown life counter, 1 card storage box and 2 reference cards.

Data di uscita: June 14, 2024

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Magic: The Gathering Horizons of Modern 3 Gift Edition Bundle

Discover the ideal gift for Magic: The Gathering players with the Modern Horizons 3 Gift Bundle . This exclusive bundle is perfect for any fan, offering a Collector Booster full of rare cards, beautiful foils and variants with border and alternative art.

The Modern Horizons 3 Gift Bundle also includes a unique foil promo card , made exclusively for this bundle. Take advantage of 10 special land cards, including 5 full art foil and 5 non-foil, which increase the value of each collection.

Furthermore, each gift bundle comes with essential accessories such as a special dice for life points and a sturdy box to organize and protect your cards.

Contents of the Magic the Gathering Gift Bundle:

  • Included in the bundle: 1 Collector Booster to enrich your collection with exclusive cards.
  • 1 foil Promo card with alternate art - add a unique touch to your deck.
  • 9 Play Boosters : Explore new strategies with a total of 9 booster packs.
  • 30 basic lands , with 10 full art : stunning aesthetics for players who appreciate card design.
  • Accessories included: 1 spindown life marker die and a handy box to organize and protect your cards.

    Events and Launch

    Then join the pre-launch event starting in June in our store to be among the first to experience “ Horizons of Modern 3 .” The release date of this set is scheduled for June 14, 2024.

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