Illumineer’s Quest - Deep Trouble - Lorcana TCG Disney (ENG)
Illumineer's Quest Deep Trouble di Lorcana TCG include:  carta Ursula, 2 mazzi, tappetino da gioco, gettoni e segnalini per un'avventura epica.

Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble - Lorcana TCG Disney (ENG)

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Immerse yourself in the world of Lorcana TCG with Illumineer's Quest: a giant Ursula card, an exclusive 50-card scenario deck, two ready-to-play Lorcana TCG decks, dual-sided battlefield cards, a themed game mat, game tracking tokens, and all necessary components for dynamic gameplay, complete with a rulebook.

Data di uscita: May 31, 2024

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Immerse yourself in adventure with "Illumineer's Quest" - Deep Trouble

Prepare to challenge Ursula, the witch of the deep, in the exciting new Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble. He faces danger as his tangled glimmers intensify, with powers that grow ever greater. In this game, Ursula acts cunningly, following her unique rules and using a special deck. Four difficulty levels await you to overcome.

With Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble, you have the freedom to face Ursula's forces alone or team up with a friend. Add up to two other players and their decks for a four-player challenge. Any standard Lorcana TCG deck is suitable for this adventure.

What will you find in the Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble box?

This box contains:

  • 1 Giant Card of Ursula: The main enemy in an imposing format.
  • 1 Ursula Scenario Deck (50 cards): Unique cards with an exclusive back.
  • 2 Disney Lorcana TCG Preconstructed Decks (60 cards each): To start playing immediately.
  • 2 Giant and Double-Sided Battlefield Cards: Different settings for your games.
  • 1 "Trouble in the Abyss" Game Mat: For an immersive gaming experience.
  • 1 Ursula's Fishing Token and 3 Legend Counter Tokens: Accessories for tracking the game.
  • 29 Damage Tokens and 1 Secret Victory Card: Everything you need to manage battles.
  • Rules of "Trouble in the Abyss": To easily understand the rules.

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        Lorcana Trading Card Game , created by Ravensburger , invites you to discover a world where Disney characters compete in epic adventures. In fact, from the Little Mermaid to Ursula, customize your team for strategic and dynamic gameplay.

        Immerse yourself in the set: Ursula's Return

        So are you ready to discover the world of Lorcana? With the Illumineer's Quest - Deep Trouble - Lorcana TCG Disney (ENG) , start your collection today. Adventures full of magic and strategy await you. Lorcana TCG is the perfect card game for those who love enchantment and tactical challenges.

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        Lorcana: The Revolutionary Disney Card Game - Enter the magical world of Illuminarium! In this addictive trading card game, developed by Ravensburger, players use unique inks to evoke iconic Disney characters and legendary moments. Perfect for fans of games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lorcana offers a perfect fusion of strategy and nostalgia. Prepare your deck, discover extraordinary powers and save the world of Lorcana. Start your epic adventure today and become part of a timeless story!

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