Starter Deck FS04 Frieza Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World

Fusion World - Starter Deck FS04 - Dragon Ball Super Card Game (ENG)

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Broly's FS03 Starter Deck includes: 51 cards ready to use, 1 energy marker, 1 game sheet and 1 pack containing a card with an alternative design.

Data di uscita: 10 Maggio 2024

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The nightmare of the Saiyans arrives!

Discover Fusion World , the new game mode of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game . The FS04 Starter Deck features Frieza as its leader, an evil alien, ruler of a multi-planetary empire and one of Goku's strongest and most beloved antagonists ever!

What Does the Fusion World FS04 Starter Deck Include?

This Frieza starter deck includes:

  • 51 Ready-to-Use Cards: A complete deck to start playing straight away.
  • Energy Tracker: Everything you need to track your moves.
  • Game Sheet: A Guide for New Players.
  • Alternative Design Cards: An exclusive pack with unique designs.

Protect and attack with devastating damage

Strengthen your deck with unbreakable loyalty to Frieza to build energy and unleash devastating attacks. In this strategy, Frieza's protection is essential to ensure maximum offensive power. Then join loyal allies Sorbet, King Cold and Zarbon in battle, and use their devotion to defeat every opponent with unstoppable tactics.

Who is Frieza?

Frieza, one of Dragon Ball's most iconic antagonists, is known for his cruelty and thirst for power. This intergalactic tyrant, with a slender form and cool colors, possesses immense strength and destructive abilities.

Deck Features

Each Starter Deck has a unique theme and characters, with Leader and Super Rare cards in foil designs. Also included is a promotional code for the digital version of the game.

Immerse yourself in epic battles with characters from Universe 7 with the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Starter Deck FS04 - Fusion Word .

Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Discover the world of Dragon Ball Super Card Game! A dynamic collectible card game that combines strategy and action from the famous anime. Create your deck with Z Warriors and challenge opponents in epic battles. With stunning graphics and innovative mechanics, each game is a unique adventure. Ideal for fans of all ages

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