Dragon Ball Super Card Game Box da 24 bustine FB01 Awakened Pulse
Bustina FB01 Awakened Pulse Dragon Ball TCG
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Booster Pack FB01
Goku Sayan Leader FB01 Awakened Pulse

Fusion World 01 - Awakened Pulse Box FB01 of 24 Packs - Dragon Ball Super Card Game (ENG)

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The Dragon Ball Super - Fusion World box includes: 24 packs of the Awakened Pulse FB01 expansion, each pack includes 12 cards of different rarity and 1 digital code card.

Data di uscita: Wave 2 arriving May 10, 2024

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Immerse yourself in epic battles with Fusion World's new Awakened Pulse expansion

Discover Fusion World 01 , the latest and most exciting expansion for Dragon Ball Super Card Game ! This set, containing 24 action-packed packs, is a must-have for all fans.

What does the Fusion World 01 box include?

The FB01 Box includes:

  • 24 Packs per Box: Each pack contains 12 cards from the Awakened Pulse FB01 expansion
  • 1 Digital Code Card: For the digital version of the game.
  • Wide Range of Rarities: 140 types of rarities, including 8 Chief, 52 Common, 36 Uncommon, 30 Rare, 12 Super Rare and 2 Secret Rare.
  • Leader Cards in Alternate Editions: Explore alternate art versions of all Leader cards.

Fusion World vs Dragon Ball Super Masters

Fusion World was designed to be intuitive for new players, but also offers a strategic challenge for veterans. With both physical and digital releases, the game allows fans to enjoy a complete and versatile experience. The new game mechanics make the Dragon Ball Super TCG more direct and fast , suitable for both casual and competitive players.

Start your adventure with Fusion World

For new players, Fusion World offers a simple and fun introduction to the world of Dragon Ball Super TCG. The transition from digital to physical is seamless, with serial codes encouraging exploration of physical play. The gameplay is familiar but updated compared to Masters, with unique tactics that provide an exciting gaming experience.

Immerse yourself in epic battles with characters from the various Dragon Ball Super universes by purchasing the 24-pack box of Awakened Pulse FB01 - Dragon Ball TCG .

Dragon Ball Super TCG

Discover the world of Dragon Ball Super Card Game! A dynamic collectible card game that combines strategy and action from the famous anime. Create your deck with Z Warriors and challenge opponents in epic battles. With stunning graphics and innovative mechanics, each game is a unique adventure. Ideal for fans of all ages

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