Valorosi Distruttori Display 24 Buste (1a Edizione - ITA) -
Valorosi Distruttori Display 24 Buste (1a Edizione - ITA) -


Valiant Destroyers Display 24 Packs (1st Edition - ITA)

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The Valorous Destroyers Display Box contains 24 packs to expand your collection. Each pack contains 7 cards, including 1 guaranteed foil card. All in 1st Edition for an unprecedented gaming and collecting experience.


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Attack without mercy!

Start the duel and unleash the power of your monsters in an unstoppable sequence of attacks! With the "Valiant Destroyers" display your creatures will attack the field from all directions and your opponent will not be able to resist for long. When you are in an advantageous position, put big prices on the table like Tecuhtlica or a huge Synchro and finish the game !

What does the Valorosi Destroyers display box include?

  • Display Box of 24 envelopes from expansion Valiant Destroyers
  • 7 cards for each pack, of which 1 foil
  • 1st Edition in Italian

What to expect from this expansion?

The V aliant Smashers Display is full of rarities: 60 cards in total, with 10 Ultra Rares, 15 Super Rares and 35 Rares. Also discover 15 Collector's Rares and 3 exclusive Quarter Century Secret Rares. Each pack offers 7 cards, including 1 foil and 6 rares.

Dominate your games with Valorous Destroyers

Expand your Yu-Gi-Oh trading card collection now! with the purchase of Valorosi Destroyers Display 24 Packs (1st Edition - ITA) . This Italian First Edition 24-pack display will add excitement and variety to your collection. Don't miss the chance to enrich it with new, exciting cards!

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