Toploader Regular Ultra Pro 55pt (25 pezzi)


Toploader Regular Ultra Pro 55pt (25 pieces)

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Protect your trading cards with Ultra Pro Regular Toploaders: ProtectionTransparent PVCfor cards up to 55pt thick. Ideal for cardsStandard size. Pack of 25 pieces.

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Toploader Ultra Pro: Protect Your Collectible Cards

Protect your valuable collectible cards with the super clear, 3" x 4" Regular Ultra Pro Toploaders, suitable for standard cards up to 55pt thick. These hard PVC plastic card holders completely enclose your cards, keeping them clean and safe from damage. Each pack contains 25 individual pieces.

Transparent Conservation and Protection

The Regular Ultra Pro Clear PVC Plastic Toploaders are ideal for storing and protecting your valuable cards up to 55pt thick. These toploaders ensure that cards remain clean and protected from dust, dirt and physical damage.

Super Clear Materials for a Pro Presentation

The ultra-transparent materials of Ultra Pro Toploaders ensure an excellent presentation of your cards, highlighting every detail without compromising protection.

What Each Toploader Pack Includes:

  • 25 individual Ultra Pro toploaders per pack
  • Size 3" x 4" suitable for standard cards
  • Ideal protection for cards up to 55pt thick

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    Ultra Pro is passionately dedicated to safeguarding your trading cards. For over two decades, they have pioneered the production of high-quality accessories to protect, store and display the trading cards of millions of players. Ultra Pro offers a variety of solutions such as sleeves, binders, boxes and playmats, all designed to ensure maximum protection without compromising aesthetics. With Ultra Pro, your cards are in safe hands.

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