Hobby Box di Topps Pristine Road to UEFA EURO 2024
Una bustina con Cristiano Ronaldo di Topps Pristine
Carta di Bruno Fernandes - Topps Pristine
Carta di Cristiano Ronaldo - Topps Pristine
Carta di Cristiano Ronaldo Autografata Road to EURO 2024 Topps
Carta di Henrik Larsson Topps Pristine
Carta di Kevin De Bruyne
Carta di Luka Mcdric per EURO 2024
Carta di Marco Van Basten di Topps Pristine
Carta di Oscar Gloukh di Topps Pristine ROad to EURO 2024


Topps Pristine Road to UEFA EURO 2024 - Hobby Box

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The Topps Pristine "Road to EURO 2024" box includes: 3 packs of 10 cards, each box guarantees at least 3 autograph or autograph+patch cards.


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The return of Topps Pristine comes alive with a new edition!

With great excitement, Topps announces the launch of " Topps Pristine Road to Euro 2024 ", which highlights Europe's most talented footballers with ultra-modern and refined designs.

This exceptional setup is every card box collector's dream, offering a unique 6 Tri-Packs per box! Each Tri-Pack includes 10 cards. Discover encapsulated Pristine Parallels, encapsulated Pristine Autographs, rare Autograph Relics and all-new inserts that offer the best of what Topps can present.

This box includes:

  • Each pack includes 10 cards .
  • Each box includes 6 Tri-packs
  • 3 autographs or autographs+patches guaranteed per box

What are Pristine boxes?

Topps Pristine boxes are special packs of trading cards that feature top players in football and other sports in exclusive formats. Each Pristine box contains several "Tri-Packs," each featuring high-quality cards, some with original autographs and/or patches. These limited editions offer collectors the opportunity to obtain unique cards of their favorite athletes.

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Topps is a leading company in the trading card industry, renowned for the production of sports cards, especially baseball and football. Founded in 1938, Topps has distinguished itself by its ability to innovate and maintain the passion of collectors by offering high-quality cards with authentic autographs, memorabilia and exclusive designs. Topps' product lineup also includes limited editions and special series like Pristine, which capture iconic sports and celebrity moments in unique formats. This combination of tradition and innovation makes Topps a premier choice for collectors and sports fans around the world.