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Star Wars Unlimited Premium Tokens

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These premium gaming accessories, made by Gamegenic, include 55 acrylic tokens inspired by iconic elements from the saga. Complete your gaming experience with this exclusive set!

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Discover Star Wars Unlimted Premium Tokens

Explore Star Wars Unlimited - Premium Tokens now, the essential accessories for every enthusiast. Made by Gamegenic, Star Wars Unlimited - Premium Tokens is a set of accessories designed to enhance the gaming experience. Get it today and immerse yourself in a vast catalog of features.

Star Wars™: Unlimited acrylic tokens are designed to enrich your game! Each set includes 55 individual pieces, each inspired by iconic elements from the Star Wars™️ galaxy.

What is a Display Booster?

  • Set of 55 tokens.
  • 1 Initiative Counter.
  • 5 Modifiers [+1/+1].
  • 3 Modifiers [+0/+1].
  • 5 Modifiers [-1/-1].
  • 3 Modifiers [+1/+0].
  • 15 Damage Counters [1].
  • 5 Damage Counters [5].
  • 2 Damage Counters [10].
  • 5 Experience Tokens.
  • 5 Reminder tokens.
  • 4 Shield Tokens.
  • 2 Epic action counters.
This set was designed specifically for Star Wars™: Unlimited and includes additional tokens to meet all your gaming needs. The premium acrylic tokens are decorated with iconic designs from the Star Wars galaxy, for an even more immersive gaming experience.

    Star Wars: Unlimited

    "Star Wars: Unlimited" elevates the trading card gaming experience, combining simplicity and strategy. Players, choosing from iconic characters as leaders, build customized decks, employing different units, surprising events and strategic improvements to overcome opposing bases. Ideal for both beginners and For veterans, the game offers strategic depth that stimulates the mind and imagination.

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