Standard Inner Sleeves Clear (100 Bustine) Gamegenic -
Standard Inner Sleeves Clear (100 Bustine) Gamegenic -


Standard Inner Sleeves Clear (100 Sachets) Gamegenic

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Includes100 Protective Sachetsin polypropylene from120 microns, standard size64x89 mm, transparent front and smooth matte back, completelyacid and PVC free: the perfect accessory for the most demanding players.

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Maximum Protection for Your Cards

For a serious player, a good deck is just the beginning. The matches are intense and can ruin your cards. Protecting them is essential. Gamegenic offers this security: protect your deck and play without worries !

What does Gamegenic Standard Inner Sleeves Clear (100 Sachets) contain?

  • Each pack has 100 sachets . Standard measurements 89 x 64 mm, ideal for Magic: the Gathering and Pokémon TCG .
  • Inner Sleeves by Gamegenic.

Which cards can the standard size?

These sleeves have been designed to fit perfectly into Standard format decks ( 63x88mm ), making them the ideal option for players of Pokémon TCG , One Piece Card Game and Magic: The Gathering .

Why buy Gamegenic sleeves ?

Buying Standard Inner Sleeves Clear (100 Packs) Gamegenic means investing in the longevity and integrity of your decks . They are the ideal choice for those looking for superior protection against wear, bending and liquid damage , ensuring that your cards remain in optimal condition both during play and in storage.

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    Gamegenic, born from the consolidated expertise ofUltimate Guard, offers a premium selection of products forprotection of table card games. This line combines excellent quality and convenience, satisfying both novices and experienced players with solutions that do not compromise onsafetyof your precious decks.

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