Standard Drasmorx Jason Engle
Standard Drasmorx (100 Bustine) Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield

Standard Drasmorx (100 Packs) Dragon Shield

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Includes 100 Protective Sleeves in polypropylene from 120 microns, standard size 66.5x92.5 mm with the front art of "Drasmorx" by Jason Engle

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Standard Drasmorx (100 Packs) Dragon Shield

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Zodiac Drasmorx: Dragon Shield Sleeves with Art by Jason Engle

The zodiac Drasmorx writhes in the skies. This patient and wise constellation stands ready to bring renewed energy to enemies caught in epic stalemate battles.

The second installment of the Constellation series once again features mesmerizing art from MTG artist Jason Engle.

What does Standard Drasmorx (100 Packs) Dragon Shield contain?

  • 100 Protective sleeves for standard format cards, 66.5x92.5 mm
  • Polypropylene material measures 120 microns. Without Acids. PVC free .
  • Front with "Drasmorx" illustration by Jason Engle

What are standard size cards?

These sleeves have been designed to fit perfectly in Standard format decks ( 66.5x92.5mm ), making them the ideal option for players of Pokémon TCG , One Piece Card Game, Star Wars Unlimited , Dragon Ball Super , Lorcana and Magic : The Gathering .

Why buy Dragon Shield protective sleeves ?

Crafted with attention to detail and without the use of harmful materials that could damage the cards, these Standard Drasmorx (100 Pack) Dragon Shield Sleeves also support perfect-fit cards .

Buy Standard Drasmorx (100 Packs) Dragon Shield now and guarantee maximum protection for your trading cards.

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    Dragon Shield

    Dragon Shield has established itself as symbol of excellence in the world of trading card games, earning the trust of players and collectors for the superior quality of its products. This Danish brand offers a range of innovative and robust accessories, designed to ensure unrivaled protection for your trading cards. Give her protective sleeves to the deck holder, come on playmat to the ultra-resistant materials,Dragon Shield it is synonymous with safety and durability. Choosing Dragon Shield means opting for the top, without compromises.

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