Shiny Star V Display 10 Buste (JP)
Shiny Star V box da 10 buste con 11 carte e una carta V garantita
Shiny Star V box da 10 Buste Giapponese
Busta Shiny Star V 11 carte Giapponese
Charizard Amazing Art Shiny V Star Pokémon


Shiny Star V Display 10 Packs (JP)

Sale price€249,90

The Shiny Star V display box in Japanese contains: 10 packs, one guaranteed ex-card in each pack, one guaranteed out-of-series card for each Display.


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A Chromatic Discovery!

Explore Shiny Star V, the unique Japanese S4a set, part of the exciting Sword and Shield era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Launched in Japan on November 20, 2020, this set boasts an impressive collection of 190 regular cards , enriched by an extraordinary selection of custom-made cards.

Discover the incredible variety of Pokémon in Shiny , V , VMAX , and Amazing Rare versions, making Shiny Star V an unmissable set for Pokémon TCG fans and collectors!

Shiny Star V Display (JP) contains:

  • 330 Findable Cards plus many rare Secrets
  • One Custom Card is guaranteed in each 10 Pack Display
  • Each Pack guarantees one V Card
  • Each pack contains 11 Pokémon Shiny Star V cards
  • Chance of finding the very rare GOD Pack: One every 100 Displays

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