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Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces - Elite Trainer Box - Iron Leaves (ITA)

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The Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box includes: 9 packs, exclusive promo cards, sleeves and the coveted Tactical Ace cards.

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Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces - Elite Trainer Box - Iron Leaves (ITA)

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Explore the Wonders of Paldea with the Temporal Forces Set

Begin an exciting journey into the Pokémon TCG universe with the new Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces set. With it, a new chapter opens in the Paldea region, where mysterious Paradox Pokémon emerge from the past and future. Among these, new specimens such as Acquecrespe ex and Fogliaferrea ex promise to enrich your collection and gaming experience.

Why choose the Elite Trainer Box

If you love the Pokémon TCG, then the Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box is perfect for you. This special set increases your collection with rare cards and boosters. It is ideal for those who love exciting duels and want to have an important collection. It is a great choice for quality and price.

What does the Elite Trainer Box include?

In the set you will find:

  • 9 packs with 10 cards each from the Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces expansion.
  • 1 special promo card from Iron Thorns and 65 sleeves from Iron Leaves.
  • In addition 45 Energy cards, 6 dice to report damage, a die to flip the coin and two tokens for conditions. All in a collector's box.

The Ace Spec Card returns to Temporal Forces

The Temporal Forces set marks the return of the Ace Spec cards, introduced in Black and White. With 7 powerful cards, 6 Trainers and 1 Special Energy, these additions are essential for any ambitious trainer.

Buy the Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces - Elite Trainer Box - Iron Leaves (ITA) now, or discover all the products from the Paldean Fates collection that we have.

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