Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Bundle Commander (ENG)
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Bundle Commander (ENG)
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Quick Draw (ENG)
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Desert Bloom (ENG)
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Grand Larceny (ENG)
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Most Wanted (ENG)

Magic: The Gathering

Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Bundle Commander (ENG)

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The Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Bundle includes: 4 ready-to-play 100-card Commander Decks, each with a unique theme, including 2 traditional foil legendaries. Each deck contains a Collector Sample Pack with 2 special cards, 1 alternate board rare/mythic and 1 foil.


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A Western adventure awaits you with Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Join Oko's dangerous gang as they plan a daring heist in the border world of Thunder Junction , the first Western Magic The Gathering scenario. Discover this unique adventure with the Commander Bundle containing 4 Decks from the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set.

Unique gaming atmosphere

With the Commander game mode, four players compete to demonstrate their skills and strategies, but only one can emerge as the winner. Each 100-card Commander Outlaws of Thunder Junction deck is ready to play, allowing Commander fans to pick a deck and start playing immediately.

What the commander bundle includes:

  • 4 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Decks:
    • 1 Commander Quick Draw Deck
    • 1 Commander Desert Bloom Deck
    • 1 Grand Lacerny Commander Deck
    • 1 Most Wanted Commander Deck
  • Each deck contains :
    • 100 Magic cards (2 foil legendary cards, 98 non-foil cards)
    • 1 Collector Booster Sample Pack containing 1 card with an alternative border (foil or non-foil) of rare or higher rarity and 1 foil uncommon card without a border
    • 10 double-faced tokens and 1 cover commander in thick cardboard for your mtg magic deck
    • 1 deck holder (suitable for 100 cards with sleeves)
    • 1 life scorecard with strategic insert and 1 reference card

Dive into the MTG Magic metaverse with this Commander Bundle!

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