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One Piece

One Piece OP02 Paramount War Box of 24 Packs (JAP)

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One Piece OP02 Paramount War includes 24 expansion packs. Each pack contains 6 cards with different rarities and the possibility of finding the exclusiveGold Pack!

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Explore OP02 Paramount War in One Piece Game


Relive the War that Changed Everything with the One Piece Card Game OP02 Paramount War expansion set . This set takes players into the heart of one of the most memorable events in One Piece: the Paramount War saga. This epic battle is the culmination of decades of tension between the powerful Emperors and the Navy.

The set features key moments from this war, featuring characters such as the Whitebeard Pirates and the Navy forces led by Sengoku the Buddha . And, of course, there's also Luffy , who after the events of Marineford embarks on a journey of growth towards his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

Iconic Characters and New Strategies

The One Piece Box of this set highlights key characters from Paramount's War, such as the Whitebeard Pirates, the Three Admirals, Emporio Ivankov , and brothers Luffy and Ace. Inside you will find many "Black" cards, perfect for expanding the Absolute Justice ST-06 Starter Deck.

Additionally, the set introduces Multicolored Leaders , which add versatility to the game. Prominent among these is the legendary Navy hero, Garp .

Explore the Complete Collection

The OP02 Paramount War set offers a variety of 121 cards, including:

  • 8 Leader Cards
  • 45 Community Cards
  • 30 Uncommon Cards
  • 26 Rare Cards
  • 10 Super Rare Cards
  • 2 Secret Rare Cards

These cards make the game exciting and different every time. They are perfect for One Piece fans and card players. Each card in the One Piece Box brings the magic of the One Piece universe to the game.

What One Piece OP02 Paramount War includes:

  • 1 Box
  • 24 booster packs of the OP02 Paramount War expansion
  • Each pack contains 6 cards with different rarities , from Chief to Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare and Secret Rare.

Start your adventure with One Piece

OP02 Paramount War isn't just a set of cards. It's a way to experience the One Piece stories. It is ideal for long-time fans and new players. But it doesn't end there: each card in the set brings with it a story, an adventure just waiting to be discovered.

Finally, for optimal protection of your new cards, consider using the accessories dedicated to One Piece Card Game . Protect and enhance your collection with themed cases and card holders.

Gioco di Carte Collezionabili One Piece

One Piece Card Game

The One Piece Trading Card Game (TCG) is an immersive adventure in the world of the famous One Piece manga and anime. This board game allows fans to relive the epic battles and adventures of Luffy and his crew through strategic card dueling. Each player builds a deck with their favorite characters, enhancing them with various skills and tactics. The One Piece TCG cards boast beautiful artwork that captures the essence of the One Piece universe, offering an unparalleled gaming experience.

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