Bustina Labirinto dei Millenni YuGiOh in italiano prima edizione


Maze of Millennia - Pack of 7 Cards (1st Edition - ITA)

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Each booster pack contains 7 cards, including 1 guaranteed foil card. All in 1st Edition.


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Discover the packs of the "Maze of Millennia", the latest YuGiOh expansion. This set brings amazing new cards, perfect for your duels. Each card is a treasure inspired by the most iconic TV series, promising to completely transform the gaming experience!

New Spells and Strategies

In the new expansion "Maze of Millennia", you will discover extraordinary creature cards and spells. For example, there is "Bonfire", a perfect spell for Pyro decks. Helps you find and add Pyro monsters to your hand. Additionally, you'll find never-before-seen Xyz Monsters and "Transaction Rollback", a spell that duplicates your traps, making your YuGiOh deck stronger.

The Maze of Millennia Booster Pack includes:

  • 7 cards for each pack, of which 1 foil
  • First edition in Italian.

In addition, discover the exclusivity of 16 special cards , each available in the prestigious Rarity Collector edition, making your YuGiOh deck even more unique and precious!

Immerse yourself in the Maze of Millennia and find all the rarities inside, Buy now Maze of Millennia - Pack of 7 Cards (1st Edition - ITA).

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