Into the Inklands Illumineer's Trove - Lorcana TCG Disney (ENG)
8 Booster Pack 6 Dadi da gioco e 2 portamazzi Illumineer Trove Lorcana TCG
Case Illumineer's Trove Into the Inklands
Booster Box Into the Inklands


Into the Inklands Illumineer's Trove - Lorcana TCG Disney (ENG)

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Immerse yourself in the world of Lorcana TCG with Illumineer's Trove: 8 Booster Packs, 15 tokens, a game guide and the case containing two exclusive deck cases. Magical adventures await you!


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Explore the Magic of Lorcana with the Illumineer's Trove

Enter the vivid world of Lorcana, where ink has brought stories and legends to new life. "Into the Inklands" awaits you - the third and addictive set of the Disney trading card game. Travel through a universe where every corner hides a piece of the legend. With the exclusive Illumineer's Trove set, you're in the center of the action.

What Does Lorcana's Illumineer's Trove Include?

Illumineer's Trove contains:

  • 8 Booster Pack from the Into the Inklands set, 15 tokens and a game guide
  • Lorcana homes that includes well 2 deck holders !

      Discover the Magic of Lorcana

      Lorcana Trading Card Game , created by Ravensburger , invites you to discover a world where Disney characters compete in epic adventures. From Snow White to Frozen, customize your team for strategic, dynamic gameplay.

      Immerse yourself in the set: Into the Inklands

      Are you ready to discover the world of Lorcana? With Into the Inklands Illumineer's Trove - Lorcana TCG Disney (ENG) , start your collection today for adventures full of magic and strategy. Lorcana TCG is the perfect card game for those who love enchantment and tactical challenges.

      Disney Lorcana – Gioco Disney –  Lorcana italiano -

      Disney Lorcana

      Lorcana: The Revolutionary Disney Card Game - Enter the magical world of Illuminarium! In this addictive trading card game, developed by Ravensburger, players use unique inks to evoke iconic Disney characters and legendary moments. Perfect for fans of games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lorcana offers a perfect fusion of strategy and nostalgia. Prepare your deck, discover extraordinary powers and save the world of Lorcana. Start your epic adventure today and become part of a timeless story!
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