Bauletto da Collezione Charizard Autunno 2023


Charizard Autumn 2023 Collector's Case

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The Pokémon TCG: Fall 2023 Charizard Collector Box (ITA) includes: 6 booster packs, 3 foil promo cards featuring Meowscarada, Skeledirge, and Quaquaval, plus an album and other exclusive accessories. Perfect for expanding your collection and enjoying even more immersive gameplay.

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Charizard Autumn 2023 Collector's Case

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Continue the year with your Pokémon!

Show off your strength on the pitch, unleashing flames into the universe: your adventure has just begun! From Autumn 2023, the Charizard Autumn 2023 Collector's Cube is your weapon for victory: it contains many packs to test your training skills and enrich your collection.

What is a collector's case?

The Pokémon Cube is every Pokémon TCG collector's dream. This elegant box set is a real gold mine, containing exclusive cards, booster packs, and accessories such as pins and coins. In addition to being a practical gaming tool, with dedicated spaces to store and organize your collection, the Pokémon Collector's Cube is a true display piece, enriched with unique illustrations and designs that capture the essence of the Pokémon universe.

What does the Fall 2023 Charizard Collector's Cube include?

  • 6 envelopes expansion pack for the Pokémon Trading Card Game
  • 3 Cards promotional foil of Meowscarada, Skeledirge and Quaquaval
  • A Pokemon coin
  • 4 colored stickers
  • An album to store your favorite cards
  • A code card for the Pokemon TCG Live

Why collect the Charizard Fall 2023 Collector's Cube?

The Charizard Autumn 2023 Collector's Cube is the unmissable addition for any Pokémon fan who wants to enrich their collection. This Autumn 2023 Charizard Collector's Cube is not only a symbol of power and love for the famous fire Pokémon, but is also a collector's item of inestimable value . Collecting this chest means owning a unique piece of 2023 Pokémon history, celebrating one of the most iconic and beloved Pokémon in an autumn edition that will shine in your collection. What are you waiting for? Buy the Charizard Autumn 2023 Collector's Case now!

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