Pre-release tournaments are special events that allow players to preview new card game expansions before their official release. During these events, participants receive booster packs containing the new cards and use these cards to build a deck and compete.

Sealed Deck format


In the Sealed Deck format, each player receives a set number of booster packs (usually six). With the cards obtained, players build a deck with a minimum of 40 cards.

Specific Rules:
  • It is not permitted to exchange cards received in booster packs with other players during the event.
  • The deck must only include cards received in booster packs and Don cards provided by the organizers.
  • It is recommended to bring card sleeves and a set of dice or markers to keep track of the game.

Behavior Guidelines

  1. Sportsmanship: Always maintain respectful and sportsmanlike behavior towards other participants and the organizers.
  2. Compliance with the Rules: Carefully follow the rules of the game and the instructions provided by the referees and tournament staff.
  3. Honesty: Play honestly and transparently. If you have any doubts or problems during a match, contact a referee immediately.
  4. Material Care: Treat cards and game materials with care. Avoid damaging or losing cards during the event.

Participation Requirements

  • Registration: Pre-register for the event if possible, as seating may be limited.
  • Payment: Payment of the participation fee must be made in advance to guarantee your place.
  • Necessary Materials: Bring 10 Don cards and, if required, a personal leader. Also bring card sleeves and markers.
  • Documentation: Bring a valid ID for registration and, if required, your tournament entry number.

Event Date Changes

The event date may vary depending on the availability of pre-release materials provided by distributors. The organizers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the event if the necessary materials do not arrive on time. Updates on the date and time of the event will be communicated promptly to registered participants.

Important note:

To ensure an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone, it is essential to follow these guidelines and maintain a positive attitude throughout the event.

Contacts and Information

For further event details and to register, contact Otakura:
  • Address: Piazza Vittorio Alfieri 39, Villanova d'Asti
  • Telephone: +39 3442917441
  • Email:

We hope to see you at our pre-release tournament and wish everyone a fun and competitive event!