Star Wars Unlimited – Scintilla di Ribellione: Una Guida Completa al Gioco

Star Wars Unlimited – Spark of Rebellion: A Complete Guide to the Game

Enter the universe of "Star Wars Unlimited", a collectible card game that takes you to a distant galaxy, full of adventures and strategies. Find out why every Star Wars fan and card game enthusiast should try it.

Explore the galactic universe of 'Star Wars Unlimited', the new collectible card game presented by Asmodee Italia. Developed by the game masters at Fantasy Flight Games, this title immerses you in the action and adventure of famous characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Find out why this card game is an unmissable experience for every fan of the Star Wars series and enthusiasts of strategy and collecting.

  1. Introduction to Star Wars Unlimited
  2. Why is Star Wars Unlimited an Unmissable Game?
  3. Your First Step: The Starter Set
  4. Spark of Rebellion: A Core Expansion
  5. Game Strategies: Tips for Winning
  6. Events and Tournaments: The Star Wars Unlimited Community
  7. Looking to the Future: What's Next in Star Wars Unlimited

Introduction to Star Wars Unlimited

Star Wars Unlimited ” is more than just a trading card game. It's an immersive experience that combines strategic elements with the rich storytelling of the Star Wars universe. In this section, we'll explore what Star Wars Unlimited is and how it differs from other card games.

Why is Star Wars Unlimited an Unmissable Game?

Playing Star Wars tcg offers a unique experience. Not only is it a way to immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars, but it's also an opportunity to test your strategy and gaming skills in exciting head-to-head battles. Whether you prefer to play in draft mode, selecting cards to build the perfect deck, or in sealed mode, where the challenge is to create the best strategy with the cards available, this game offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Your First Step: The Starter Set

For new players, the Starter Set is the ideal entry point into the game. Contains everything you need to start playing: two complete decks, rules, tokens and an introductory guide. Here, we'll explain what you'll find in the Starter Set and how to make the most of it.

Spark of Rebellion: A Core Expansion

“Spark of Rebellion” is a key expansion that introduces new elements and strategies to the Star Wars Unlimited game. This section will explore the details of the expansion, the characters involved, and how it can transform the way you play.

How to play Star Wars Unlimited? Game details

In Star Wars Unlimited, as in any card game, strategy is key. In this part, we'll share tips and tactics to help you develop your gaming skills, from building a balanced deck to implementing winning strategies during games.

Purpose of the Game:

Your main objective is to destroy your opponent's base , starting with 30 hit points (you win when your opponent's base has 0 hit points). Deploy your units wisely, use strategic events and the unique abilities of leader cards to inflict devastating damage and gain control of the game.


On the playing field, each player places his base in front of his opponent's. It follows the position of its leader, such as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, below the base. You randomly determine who goes first, and that player takes the initiative token. Shuffle your 50-card deck and prepare to draw 6 cards for your starting hand, with the possibility of mulliganing. Then place 2 cards, face down, from your hand as resources near the base ready to be used to pay the cost of the cards during the game.

Star Wars Unlimited Playground Preparation

Once both players are ready we can move on to the Action phase.

Game Play

Action Phase

This is the main phase of the game, where both players can play cards, attack, use abilities or pass. Reveal a card from your hand and pay the resource cost to play it. Attack with your units or utilize your leaders' unique abilities. Take the initiative to ensure you act first in the next round.

The actions that a player can perform during the action phase are:

  • Play a card: Reveal a card from your hand and pay the indicated resource cost.
  • Attack: Only ready units can attack. Choose the target: an opposing unit or the base.
  • Action Abilities : Some cards have abilities that can be activated by paying a cost.
  • Claim Initiative: A player can do this once per round, making sure to act first in the next.
  • Pass: If a player cannot or does not want to take any further actions, he passes. His opponent can continue the actions.

Reorganization Phase

During this phase, each player:

  • draw 2 cards,
  • can make a card a resource
  • Prepare all spent cards for the next round

The leader

The leader is a key element in your deck, offering early abilities and epic action. When deployed as a unit, the leader can attack and be attacked, playing a crucial role in game strategy. Among the various leaders available, characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader stand out for their notoriety and strategic potential.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Leaders

Star Wars Unlimited: A Complete Product Overview

The "Star Wars Unlimited" "Starter Set", called "Spark of Rebellion", is the first set of this unmissable board game. Available in English and Italian, this set introduces players to the magical Star Wars universe!

Booster Display of 24 Envelopes

The Spark of the Rebellion box includes: 24 booster packs with common, uncommon, rare, leader, basic and foil cards.

Starter Deck for 2 Players

The Sparks of Rebellion Starter Deck contains: 110 cards with two pre-constructed decks, one dedicated to Luke Skywalker and the other to Darth Vader. Included in the set are 40 tokens, a quick guide, 2 playmats that can also be used as posters, and 2 foldable deck cases.

Prerelease Box of 6 Packs

The Prerelease box contains 6 Booster Packs and complete material for an exciting experience, including promo versions of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader .