Scopri come giocare a One Piece Card Game con la nostra guida completa

One Piece Card Game: Your Complete Guide to Playing

Discover the One Piece card game, a collectible card game that combines strategy, fun and love for the One Piece universe. This detailed guide will give you all the information you need to start playing, build your perfect deck, and dominate games. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this article is a must-read for any One Piece and TCG fan.

What is the One Piece Card Game?

One Piece tcg is a collectible card game based on the famous manga and anime series "One Piece". Launched by Bandai, it combines elements of strategy with love for the world created by Eiichiro Oda. Players build a deck around a leader character and use various cards to defeat their opponent.

This game has earned a global following thanks to its strategic depth and faithfulness to the One Piece universe. Each game offers a unique experience, with infinite combinations of decks and strategies.

Type of cards?

leader card sakazuki from one piece card game

Leader Card

Each deck revolves around your Leader card. This card represents the hero around which you build your deck and your strategy. The choice of the Leader affects not only the cards you can play, which must be the same color as the leader card, but also your game strategies. Furthermore, each Leader has a defined number of lives available which can be viewed at the bottom right of the card.


character card ace fire fist one piece card game otakura

Character Cards

These cards represent your Leader's allies. Each character card has its own power level and unique abilities. Using them effectively can change the fate of a game. It's important to find a balance between the various character cards in your deck to cover a range of costs and abilities.


event card one piece card game ulti-mortar otakura

Event Cards

Event cards are disposable cards that can have an immediate impact on the game. Some can be used to surprise your opponent or change the course of a battle. Learning when and how to play event cards can be a key to victory.


card don one piece card game otakura

DON cards!!

These cards are crucial to playing your most powerful cards. They are the game's currency , used to pay the costs of playing other cards. These cards are crucial to playing your most powerful cards. Manage your DON cards effectively!! it is essential to maintain control of the game and to be able to play your most influential cards at the right time


stage card one piece card game Onigashima Island Otakura

Stage Cards

Stage cards provide support to your Leader and character cards. They can offer a variety of effects that can help you protect your most important cards or deal additional damage to your opponent.


How to play?

The main goal of " One Piece Card Game " is to reduce the opposing Leader's life points to zero. This can be achieved through a combination of strategic attacks, intelligent card use and resource management.

Initial Setup

Each player starts with a predefined deck, which includes a variety of Character, Event, Stage, and all-important Leader Cards. A deck consisting of one Leader card, ten DON!! cards and fifty other cards. A deck can only include cards of the same color as the leader and up to 4 copies of cards with the same number.

Structure of the Playing Field

One piece card game otakura game area

The game takes place on a playing field representing the open sea, where players compete as pirate captains. Here is a brief overview of the different areas and their purpose:

  • Characters Area : Here you place the Character cards, with a maximum limit of five cards.
  • Leader Card : The player's Leader card is placed in this area.
  • Stage Card : A Stage card is played in this area, with a limit of one card per player.
  • Deck : This is the area where you place the deck from which players draw cards.
  • Trash Bin : This is where KO'd Character cards and used cards are stored.
  • Cost Area : The DON!! cards are placed in this area. used to cover the costs of moves in battle.
  • Damn DON!! : Place the DON!! deck, made up of ten cards, in this area.
  • Life : Here you place the Life cards, which represent the player's life points.

Each of these areas has a specific function and contributes to the strategy and mechanics of the game.

Start of the Game

The first round plays a crucial role. After strategically placing your cards, including the DON!! in their dedicated area (bottom left) and the deck (bottom right), as well as the Leader card, the game begins with the choice of the player who will move first. This decision is usually made via a coin or dice roll. Once the turns have been established, each player places the five Life Cards (depending on the chosen Leader), the objective is to make the opponent take them, and to do this the Leader card must be attacked. When an opponent runs out of life cards or runs out of cards in the deck, you win the game.

How to Play in the First Round

  1. Starting Cards: You start with five cards.
  2. Refresh: Skip this part on the first turn.
  3. Draw Phase: No new cards are drawn in the first turn.
  4. DON!! Phase: Place a DON!! Card and use it to place a Character or activate Event or Stage Cards. You cannot attack in the first turn.


  • Untap/Tap: Change the position of cards from attack to rest and vice versa.

Second Round: Introduction to Combat

  1. Drawing and Preparation: Draw a card. You will have six cards in your hand.
  2. Place Two DON!! Cards Use these cards to place Characters and activate Event Cards.
  3. Attack: You can now attack with your Characters and Leader.

Game Strategies

  • Power Up: Use DON Cards!! to increase attack by +1,000.
  • Defense: Use Blocker Cards to deflect attacks and Counter Cards for special effects.
  • Victory over the Leader: If you attack and win against the opposing Leader, he takes a Life Card. If he runs out of Life Cards, you win.

Subsequent Rounds and Diversity of Strategies

  • Each turn, you "untap" your cards and draw a new one.
  • Use Event Cards and Stage Cards to help your Leader and Characters. To play them, you need DON!! cards.
  • Each deck has unique strategies.


Types and Colors of Decks

Each deck features a unique color and playstyle, reflecting the player's strategies and preferences.

Characteristics of Deck Colors

  1. Red (Attack and Aggression) : Red decks tend to focus on fast and powerful attacks. They are ideal for players who want to put pressure on their opponent from the start.
  2. Blue (Defense and Control) : Blue decks are focused on defense and control of the playing field. These decks require patience and good planning skills.
  3. Green (Growth and Development) : Green decks focus on growth and accumulating resources over time, becoming stronger and stronger as the game progresses.
  4. Yellow (Deception and Flexibility) : Yellow decks offer a wide variety of tricks and stratagems, allowing players to quickly adapt to different situations.
  5. Black (Power and Sacrifice) : These decks exploit powerful cards that often require sacrifices or particular conditions to be played.

Associated Game Styles

The choice of deck color greatly affects the style of play:

  • Aggressive Decks : They aim to win quickly, attacking relentlessly.
  • Control Decks : They try to limit the opponent's moves, gaining advantage in the long term.
  • Combo Decks : Use combinations of cards to create powerful and often unexpected effects.


Top-Tier Decks of 2024

The 2024 competitive landscape in the One Piece Card Game is characterized by a variety of powerful and strategic decks. Here are some examples of decks that have gained popularity:

  1. Sakazuki Aggressive Deck : A deck focused on fast and devastating attacks.
  2. Blue Nami Control Deck : This deck uses control techniques to dominate the playing field.
  3. Green Blue Rosinante Combo Deck : A versatile deck that combines elements of growth and adaptability.
  4. Luffy Tactical Deck : This deck balances attack and defense, taking advantage of the versatility of Luffy cards.
  5. Blackbeard Strategy Deck : A powerful deck known for its ability to execute decisive moves at critical moments.


Discover the official One Piece TCG App

One Piece Teaching App |

If you prefer practice to theory then jump straight into action with the free One Piece TCG app . Available online on the store iOS And Android , the Teaching App is the ideal way to learn the basic mechanics of the game, explore the different cards and Starter Decks.

Thank you Karol Lovegroove for the illustration art of Luffy used in the cover.